Integration with Home Assistant Missing

It will be nice if Eufy integrates with Home Assistant HASSIO, lot of automation and functionalities missing now.


Can’t agree more. I have a 2 camera kit and wanted to buy more until I realized they don’t integrate.


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It’s a work in progress but getting there. Key problem is a lack of an open API from Eufy.

What I need is the ability to change my Eufy mode via the API and the ability to send Eufy events from the hub to Home Assistant.


Will there be an API in the coming future for Eufy security?


I was able to figure out a decent solution for changing the guard mode from home assistant and polling states: Going to work on doorbell button press and motion detection next

Hi Everyone, I have petitioned for Eufy to open source their API’s and am trying to unite everyone from the previous forums. With enough backers maybe our voice will be heard. Please support this and get the word out…