Laptop access as well as iphone

Is there a way I can access my cameras on my laptop

all you can do is view your cameras , you cant view events. -

You have several options.

As another user said, you can use the Eufy Web portal to live view your devices. No events or notifications.

If your laptop is a Mac, there is a Mac app available. Its supposed to be pretty lame, but that’s only hearsay. I haven’t used it.

If you have a PC, you can download the Bluestacks Android emulator and run the full Eufy app under Bluestacks. There are a few ads when you first log in, but after that, you can use Eufy or any Android app on Bluestacks. Bluestacks also works for Macs. The big advantage of Bluestacks is you can see events and get notificationsand live view exactly like you can on Android or IOS.

There are a number of threads on using Bluestacks here and on Reddit to get you started. You can download the Eufy app from Google Play or use to get the app. I find that APKMirror app have all worked fine for me and been virus and adware free. You might have to wait a couple days after Eufy releases the app to the Play store for it to show up on APKMirror.

Here is a link to the Web Portal.