Latest Firmware destroys audio clarity making audio unusable

I had a man outside my window talking to someone on their phone and scanning the building looking for something…. The moment the say the camera they waved, continued looking at the camera and talking, then hung up and walked away.

Despite being only a few metres from the camera, it recorded only static, no discernible audio! What on earth are eufy doing!

Still no firmware update as Eufy promised. Have now returned camera. How are they still selling these faulty cameras???.

New firmware is out, has anyone tried this version? Does it resolve the poor audio quality bug? I am currently using another brand’s video camera, if the latest firmware does solve the audio bug, I like to switch back to Eufy again.

I just updated to and nothing has changed.
They said fixed bugs???
Now I have got the camera blinking blue again. Last time I think it was Eufy servers / network but now I feel like throwing it in the bin. Absolutely terrible this brand is.

2x 2k indoor cameras. Both on

Audio remains very poor. It seems to cut out briefly every few seconds, and inbeteeen the sound is barely audible over noise.

Used to be good quality when I bought the devices > 1 year ago.

Getting a replacement from Eufy. Said my 2k pan and tilt cam must be faulty. I updated to also. When the replacement camera comes I will not update. It will stay on version. It worked fine, no issues with audio etc.

I thought you cant stay at since it will auto update to the latest firmware?

Literally just bought the doorbell camera, updated it not thinking anything of it. Now as everyone else has been saying the audio is absolutely useless… this thread goes back to April and it’s August now…hopefully Eufy fixes it soon because this is not a great first impression.