Launch Fun Anytime to Your Pup with Dog Camera

Never miss a moment of fun with your furry best friend with Dog Camera. You’ll always keep your dog guessing with 3-distance treat tossing and 270° rotation.

Plus, Dog Camera is smart with barking, movement, and activity detection that captures every doggy detail while you’re at work. And the best moments of the day are compiled into a free doggy diary for you to share all the cuteness.

Use code EUFYPET50 through November 7th to get $50 off and enjoy fur-tastic fun now with Dog Camera.

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Soooo over priced for this 1080p Canberra smh

It would be terrific if Eufy would work on getting the serious side to home security sorted before playing with toys … the outdoor siren? Where is it? An update there would be helpful.

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How about an update on your other Kickstarter campaigns?
Instead of opening a new one you could give us some informations on your existing ones!
What about the SmartDrop Box?

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