Looks like 2fa is here?

Just got this notification

Haven’t tried it yet, but there it is.

Where are you located? I heard the only released for certain countries. I’m in US and don’t have it…


I have the app installed on a phone and tablet. Wife took the phone to work so I grabbed the tablet (wondering why the doorbell didn’t notify of her leaving) and as soon as I launched the app that popped up.

I should have clicked yes, but didn’t

I do see it there under account settings though.

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So switch your account locations to Canada and you should presumably have access to it… I guess.

Ironic as Eufy won’t even sell us stuff directly.

Edit: Just turned it on. Got the text. Seems legit.

It’s dumb they only released it for some regions. They have the software they should release it to everyone.

It’s possible they are testing it out on markets that they have yet to really make head way in, so that when they release it to the other markets it’s got a little more polish on it…?

I rather they test it out, then have a hot steaming mess to contend with.

I mean look at windows XP when it released…

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I agree with you @BombedCorpse I think Eufy is trying to make sure the software is good before they release it. I think they learned their lesson with the down server and hopefully will improve in the future.

For sure, I just think it’s funny that they allow us to test it but won’t sell to us.

UK? Germany? Russia? Sure, no problem. US? Of course! Canada? GFY, try Amazon, our direct competition.

I suspect that they can’t sell to you “yet” because Canada actually has decent privacy laws and 2FA is a regulatory requirement. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start selling in Canada now that they met that requirement.

I also wouldn’t hold my breath about 2FA in other countries.


I hope you’re right. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

I’m in the Canada region and can confirm 2FA works now. The options allow you to enable via email or SMS. And you’re able to add your trusted devices.

Kudos to Eufy for rolling this out as promised


Fwiw they misspelled “verify” in the tfa menu.

That’s awesome!