Man rang doorbell but there is no recording

So around 3:30 a tall slim man rang my doorbell. I was never able to see his face since he turned around. My wired Eufy 2k doorbell notified me and let me view the video a second before my doorbell crashed. A minute later my Eufy 2k camera catches the man leaving my driveway and notifies me. I watch the video and then decide to focus on my doorbell problem. Once the doorbell reboots, I check the doorbell footage and there is no video of the man. So I check my 2k camera and the footage of the man leaving the property suddenly isn’t there either. This has me feeling far less confident in Eufy’s camera system considering that someone can come to my house, ring the doorbell and leave with no footage being saved by the 2k doorbell or 2k camera. Is there any way of accessing this missing footage? Is it possible someone has figured out a new way to hack these cameras?

You cannot view the video and record at the same time. If you do a live view once the doorbell has started recording, it won’t finish and you won’t have any clips to view. If you had waited until the notification came through, you would have been able to see the footage. Eufy made some questionable design decisions about hardware and battery life.

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