Manage multiple WiFi networks

WiFi Network Management. It would work like… well, the configuration page of most wifi enabled devices with a screen. Add, save, change, auto-connect, remove, etc. for a list of saved networks all in-app; no device-button necessary.


  • Managing of wireless nework connections shall be entirely through the app; physically pushing the button shall still be available as an option.
  • Network Manager shall provide an interface in-app to add, remove, enable and reorder wifi networks.
  • Device shall autoconnect when an enabled network is detected and online.
  • Priority for connection shall be determined by the order of network name list.
  • Networks that cannot access the internet shall timeout and connect to the next available wifi network in the list until the online condition is met.
  • LED can be used to indicate connection status.
  • A direct phone/tablet-to-camera “wifi hotspot”-like connection should be available in the list of networks.

I use my 2K “Indoor” pan&tilt as if it were a portable security camera sometimes. I just power it from portable battery and use my mobile hotspot as a connection if there isn’t one available.

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