Micro sd card in eufy indoor cam

I install a micro sd card in the new eufy indoor cam. formatted as requested by the eufy app. took the card out and plugged it in the desk top computer to view the video on computer…the computer did not read the card…tried with two different cards but the same…what did i do wrong?

From whay i have read the Micro SD Card isnt expected to be removed from the camera. You are expected to leave it in the camera and acces the clips through the camera from the mobile app.


What craig said.

I believe the card is encrypted, so if someone steals your cam they cannot access your footage.


So the only way to get the file is to download from your phone app and upload to cloud i guess.

Well what are you trying to do? Or maybe better term would be trying to accomplish? Do you just want the video in the cloud somewhere?

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To continue this thread, i have continuous recording on an indoor camera facing outside. In the event of an “event” I would like to be able to copy enitre days worth of footage (ie, pull SDcard, copy that day).

The event could be vandalism of a neighbors house. If they don’t know when it happened, beyond that it happened sometime while they were out over the weekend. Having the ability to copy the entire day for safe keeping, to dig though, or to provide to the police in larger chunks would be helpful.