Motion and connectivity issues new Dual Cam Doorbel

Being using battery powered doorbell for more than 3 years and so far no issues regarding connection, motion, night vision and overall functionality.
Now I have 2 days since upgraded to latest battery powered doorbell Dual Cam…

  • Great feature dual cam
  • Great app functionality and lots of new features
  • Great design
  • Great night lights
  • New doorbell goes offline loosing connection with Homebase even if they are located in exactly the same position as before old doorbell (fixed only by moving homebase)
  • Motion taking longer to be processed therefore notification comes with delay and cam starts recording when delivery guy is right in front of the door and not as before recording starting from mini gate (settings has been set to detect all motion at max distance)
  • App functionality is great but quite laggy

I really hope Eufy engineering team are looking into resolving all this issues, looks like I downgraded and not upgraded :frowning:

All logs uploaded via the app, hope this will help to figure out and resolve all issues.

Bummed to hear this. I thought with the new “radar” it might improve. Maybe this only helps with false detections?

Same issues, HomeBase sometimes drops offline as well. Seems to work ok in the day but I’ve never had any footage recorded at night and we know the milkman comes because there’s milk in the morning.

I’ve sent the logs off but it’s clearly not just me. Perhaps the sleep is too aggressive even on balanced and it actually shuts off. Either way it’s not why we bought it, otherwise we’d just have gone with a really basic one