Motion detection does not work in the day

I installed the video doorbell kit (2k resolution, battery-based) several days ago. The motion detection worked at night after it gets dark, it sent alerts to my phone and I could view the black and white video clips.

However, it barely works in the daylight, I say barely because in these several days it only detected me leaving the house twice, and that was it. In these several days, I left and enter the house multiple times at different times to test it (6am, 8am, 10am, 12pm, 4pm, 6pm, you name it) and the postman delivered mails and parcels several times, but the doorbell detected nothing. I tried to approach the doorbell from various directions and even waved to it, no detection no matter what I tried.

I called the customer service, and they sent me a replacement doorbell really quickly. I installed the replacement this morning, it was the same, no motion detection at all in the daylight. I have not tried this replacement in the night yet, but the fact it does not work in the day just like the original one is annoying. For both the original one and the replacement, I tried both human detection and all motion detection, and set the sensitivity level to the highest 5, set it to optimal surveillance, tried both with and without activity zones, and got the same result: no motion detection in the daylight. Actually the replacement had one more flaw than the original one, the original one at least had the doorbell function working, the replacement’s doorbell rings, but unlike the original one, it would not trigger an event recording, so if I am not home hearing the doorbell ring, I could not look at the recording and see someone was here. What a disappointment, the replacement is even worse than the original one.

I uninstalled the doorbell from the bracket on the wall next to my door and took it inside, it can detect human when it is inside the house. But when I installed it back to the outside wall next to my door, the motion detection does not work again. Is it because it is harder to recognize human with the outside background on the street? But the street my door faces is a regular neighborhood street, with trees and cars parked on the side. And even when I set it at all motion detection, it would not detect anything.

Now I am really confused. Did I get two defect items or does this doorbell not work at all? Anyone having the same experience?


Ik have the same bij night perfect during the day nothing

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I am having a similar problem. I swear it worked the first day and then just stopped detecting anything


I called support several times and finally, a technician knew what was going on. Changed the video streaming quality to medium, changed the notification to full effect, changed the surveillance to custom surveillance and the doorbell started to work in the day.

Where do I change the surveillance to custom

I just got the 1080P battery doorbell yesterday. Yesterday afternoon and last night it worked great. At work today every car that drives by is registered as a human. Driving me crazy. Even after setting up an activity zone that excluded the street. It’s still giving me alerts every few minutes.

I’m trying @fav97 settings. I’ll update to see what happens.


do you have activity zone on? this only works to me with activity zone off

I feel your pain. I don’t have the doorbell, but DO have 2 - 2C cameras. I’m on my second set of cameras & home base 2 since the first setup was so inconsistent. Just set up the new gear & the only time the (new) cameras recorded anything was they recorded ME while I was staring into them adjusting the angle. I’m stumped & VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Is this set to all motion or human body ?

I can walk straight at my PIR based cameras and touch them without a recording. ( and they work perfectly). Mostly because…. I walked straight at the cam. But as temps rise our body temp is closer to the ambient temps outside…. The cam simply can’t “see” the temp change it needs to wake up. Think Arnold in Predator…. Covered himself with mud to reduce his temps and he became invisible to the creature with the infrared vision.