Motion Detection Problems

Not sure what has change here maybe in the last firmware update? but since this the motion detection and AI is simple words is CRAP.
Just recharged my front camera yesterday and the system has reported 62 events with only 2 recorded (filtered by AI) where i have had delivery drivers / postman walk right up and away with no alert or recording…

So changed the power mangager to optimal recording and deleted and reset the activity zones to see what this does from optimal.

Before others jump on this with PIR side on detection the camera is located at the advised height 8ft and at angle so all motions are slightly side on, so should work better for the PIR

There should be functions to switch off the AI as this clearly has issues, we should have all functions with off/on toggle including the activity zones more detailed than 3 square boxes! This function is pretty pointless.

Was happy at first, had the system a while now so past the return date and with several “Open” tickets with Eufy the system is not giving the functions that a security camera should.

Most of above is simple software fixes as long as the hardware has the capacity so Eufy need to put the time in and fix the issues.


No response from Eufy?

Think they have problems across all their products from all the comments on this forum and other sites and maybe trying to find a solution before they reply ( not saying that’s right). Maybe try ringing them.

Has other people had these many problems with other brands like people have with eufy?

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