Motion detection stopped working after latest firmware update

Same with my cameras. This system is worthless when it frequently glitches like this. I’ve had mine for over a year now and when it works it’s good, but I need a security system to work 100% all the time. Today it’s a pile of #%*%.


Exactly the same! Tried the motion detection test and it just about picks me up. But no notifications come through when walking down the driveway.
Live View works… but useless as a security camera if it doesn’t notify and record movement.
Eufy floodlight camera.

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I’m another with this issue since the firmware upgrade on the 28th September.

I’ve noticed that the IR LED does come on when I’ve stood in front of the camera, but there’s no recording displayed in the app. Additionally, the spotlight isn’t coming on, despite being enabled.

I’ve logged with Eufy. Hopefully with us all raising support tickets then they’ll prioritise a fix.

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Also happening here, I’m finding cameras are going offline also randomly for hours at a time

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I recommend everyone to write to
That’s the only way this gets on their radar.

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I’m new to eufy, mines stopped working 5/10/21

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Hi all - Yes … please do send an email to the support team although I must advised on the support that I have received from them isn’t great.

The latest position with me is as follows:

1 - Taking some guidance from this thread, I adjusted all of my cameras to detect all motions; this has put a sticking plaster over the issue in that they now ‘over detect’ (even outside of zones I have set up) and it really impacts battery life.

2 - I reported this back to Eufy support (along with all the other details they requested re. logs, etc) but the repose back is ‘please can you observe for a further 7 days’ - specifically noting any points when you feel detection should have happened but hasn’t.

3 - I’ve said ‘OK - I’ll do this but how am I supposed to know about overnight detections that should have happened but didn’t I.E. one of the main reason why we have these cameras - let alone monitoring from afar when not at home :man_shrugging:t2:

4 - No response to that email so I’ve sent again saying that I will monitor for 7 days but if there is no material improvement in the setup then I will be returning everything and wanting a full refund to help me but something that works!!!

Sorry this isn’t an update with a solution but just wanted to keep you all updated of my experience :+1:t2:


Ours has been dodgy for a week or so.

I have logged problem with support and now waiting and for some reason they do not want to believe that it’s a firmware problem, all my camera’s x3 are doing the same and now having it set to detect all motions the camera facing the road battery is discharging at a fast rate and before problem camera detected about 40 movements and now it goes to well over 100 detection’s per day.

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Another user here with the same issue. I will report to support too.
My 2c also is failing. It does some detection, but especially at shimmer and night it somehow doesn’t detect humans. Or sometimes it does, while before it worked pretty good to me.
Eufy just put out a crappy update for sure.

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I think there is a misunderstanding about human detection at night. It doesn’t exist in the battery powered cameras because there isn’t enough data from IR night vision for the AI to make a determination about whether something is human or pet or vehicle. When ever you rely on night vision, which has much reduced contrast and pixels that aren’t differentiated from one another, you lose the ability to make decisions about the type of object. The only way to get human detection at night with battery cams is to provide enough external light so that the night vision stays off and the AI can get enough good input to operate corre

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Thanks and understood but I have zones set and at night the cameras detect all things frequently outside of the zones :+1:t2:

My main issue with the cameras now is that they don’t provide the security expected and having all these settings configured really does impact battery life … to the extent of not adding any benefit of being a battery based and wireless solution … I might as well have a full wired; powered and HDD set up :man_shrugging:t2:

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I noticed a detection problem with one of the cam 2C based on testing and also suspected others had something off too. This was after firmware upgrade.

I thought there might be something wrong with comms between homebase2 and the cams. Unplugged HB2 and back on. That didnt help. Ran into an old post where 5 quick presses does “reboot” the cameras and thought this could help with comms issue.

The camera light flashed red and blue, and it dropped off the homebase. Another click on the camera, it came online and I was able to livestream. This which required me to almost to touch it for detection picked me up now from expected range.

This worked for me, and I did rinse and repeat to all cameras just in case. Would be nice to know what that 5-press really does.

Edit: There really should be some kind of pinned post on “do these steps with product X after any firmware upgrade”, just so that people could ensure they’ve done it all. It honestly shouldnt be necessary, but these are quite cheap IoT devices that arent perfect

Same here not working properly on two house. do not know how to make them work again .

This is crap if i can’t get them to work like before .

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I confirm stopped working properly on both property since firmware update of 28/09/2021.

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Biggest Problem is Eufy took control of of our camera to update firmware without user knowing it.

One ofvtgese days, wr may find nit jyst failed detection but a bricked camera.

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Well, after I did that 5-click “reset” and one more click to enable the cameras + testing at night, I did today in daylight another detection test and they picked me up expectedly. I’m now confident they’re functioning properly.

What have you tried after the firmware update?

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I received the following feedback from Eufy support:

In fact, the issue is unrelated to the firmware. It is related to the environment you installed for this camera, the size of the moving object, the frequency of movement, and the length of the distance, etc.

I’ve subsequently responded to say that the environment is unchanged (my car is parked in the drive, people walk on the path in front of my house), with the only difference being the firmware upgrade on the 28th September.

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I have been in contact with support and they are of no help at all and are now suggesting I move my camera positions and angles to get them to work and I cannot understand this because before the firmware update all my camera’s worked on human detection during the day and all detection at night and since the update none work on human detection and will only work when set to all detection.
Last Tuesday I charged my front facing camera because because it stopped working due to low battery and checked battery level today and it is now 92% because it is detecting all 24 hours a day and as this camera faces a busy street, is this their way of trying to force one to buy solar panels. The product is not fit for purpose in the present condition and support seem to feel that there is no problem with the firmware update.


I installed my cam yesterday. No motion detection in persons mode and only a little in all motions mode. Its not even recording video even when i am in front of the cam, walking up and down the activity zones. Very dissapointing. If not solved soon i will send the cam back.