Motion detection stopped working after latest firmware update

Same issue here. Just emailed support. Hope they sort this soon, cameras are useless like this…

Same here too but only on the 2c cameras. The doorbell camera still sends notifications! I thought it was something I’d done but seeing all these responses it seems I’m not alone.

Support engineers do not want to take responsibility that it’s their equipment or software and try to put it back on the environment or something obstructing like a light on, Internet connection etc. I’ve heard enough. I’ve been going through this since last December. Then they want you to send them a copy of your receipt. for what I question? I know my system is out out of date out of warranty but you can buy something new they’ll be more than happy to make that work for you. It was good system for about six months.

I agree support are trying to make out that conditions and enviroments are responsible for problems and not their firmware yet before that damned firmware update my system worked great and I was happy and now I am stuck with faulty equipment that does not do what is printed on the box so Eufy sipport wake up and get your act together and fix problem you caused


In addition to the ‘human detection only’ issue, the spotlight on my 2C Pro has also not been coming on when detecting motion at night, since the firmware upgrade.

I’ve uploaded logs to Eufy and they’ve said they’ll review them, but is anyone else also experiencing this issue?

Same found here. All motion works, the human detection (which used to be excellent) basically is now useless.

This is my latest reply from support with a fix suggestion:

“Thanks for your reply.

*Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I can imagine your disappointment when you noticed that the camera doesn’t record a video as expected. Please know that our engineers work day and night to solve the issue. *

Glad to tell you that we have found the troubleshooting which may help you solve the issue. May we bother you to confirm if it helps? And I understand that it is inconvenient for you, but please try it with one of your cameras.

-Please press the sync button on the camera for 10 seconds until you hear 2 beep sounds to reset it then add the camera again.

-After set up, please select Human only first–then switch to All motion–then switch to Human only to see if the issue remains.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

So basically … I have take my cameras down; reset them and then reconfigure all the motion settings … bit of an absolute faff and I already know these adjustments massively affect battery life (whether they work or not) … so I I’ll give it a go and see what happens but I’m now actively looking for a replacement system that better meets my needs

Hi, is it works ?

This is the worst service ever they ignore everyone here on the forum and still do not believe that their firmware broke our camera’s and now they are ignoring my emails wish I had found this out before spending £700.00 on my security system.


Hello … sorry for delayed update … it’s working of a fashion … I have to set the cameras to detect all motions and optimal surveillance- which results in over detecting and battery drain !!

So I suppose it actually makes the cameras worse even though they now actually detect motion …

I have given this feedback to the support team but to be honest, I’m already looking at buying a wired always on system connected to a HDD instead - which is a shame because I think the Eufy system could be a good product if it just wasn’t so temperamental !!!

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You must contact support via other means than this community forum. Seems I must be lucky with my setup as it seems to work except one camera seem to have hickups with motion detection. I intend to re-add it to the homebase as apparently that can fix issues and is the last thing I haven’t tried.

I agree the firmware updates should not be pushed automatically but instead notify the users of availability with proper changelog, in the app.


I have HomeKit enabled on 2 of my 3 cameras. What’s interesting is that HomeKit flags motion from the Eufy cameras, but the same cameras don’t flag motion or record an event in the eufy app. This suggests the camera is picking up the motion but not pushing it to the Homebase and/or app on the phone.

This again suggests it is a software issue.


I have identical problem.
Solocam S40, motion detection stopped after the last update.

Now I can look through the camera via the live view on Android, but no motion detection, no events, no security!

Eufy please sort this ASAP!


Did the adjustments work…?

Dan, I just purchased the set & having the same issue. Motion detection set to all. Can we access the memory on home base? I cant find how to do this. Thanks

Is there anyway to get Eufy to pick up this thread? The device worked flawlessly up to last week and now the lights come on the camera to show motion has been detected but it’ll send a notification and record once in every dozen events. It’s now pointless and it’s such a shame considering how well it worked before. Human motion detection has been completely broken. I’ve tried contacting eufy directly but they blamed the position of the camera which hasn’t moved. Now I’m getting no response at all. There was a firmware update first thing this morning but it hasn’t resolved the issue.


Mine is a new purchase. If they don’t fix it soon, I will be returning my kit & extra cameras. They will be out $800 if this keeps up. So far not happy

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I have E40… it stopped detecting motions and recording events after 28.10.2021 update. Before everything works well.

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Was advised a firmware update to Would help solve the motion detection issues on my solocam. At least that suggests Eufy know about the problems. However checking my firmware version I was already on the latest update for about 24 hours and during that time zero events were triggered and recorded despite tons of activity in front of it and the red lights showing motion was detected. Was also advised if it doesn’t work they’d send a new camera but if this is firmware related then i expect it will just end up the same.

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Nov 8, 2021 2:44 pm:


I have exactly the same issue…couldn’t have worded this any better…
Wasted a LOT of time checking wireless network…cables…connections…and thenlist goes on…
Was working perfectly prior to this, even had recommended this camera to a few friends…
Here is hoping I don’t lose my credibility…smile…
Come on eufy…give us support…