Multi Camera Viewing

Hello Eufy!!

I think we should have the option to view multiple cameras at the same time. Not necessarily group them but to have a button where we could choose certain cameras to view at one time. Next time we could choose different cameras.


Thank you for your feedback on this feature.

Since the eufycam system are the battery cam, so it could not constantly recording like the tradition wired camera device.

For the eufycam system, you can choose the specific camera device to check the live view screen and Events page for the saved video recordings.

We will consider the possibility of future development. Thank you for your input :slight_smile:


If you ever offer a wired Outdoor Camera maybe this feature would be more useful.

I have the wired indoor 2k cameras and I would also really like an option to view multiple cameras at once. I can’t believe this isn’t a feature already. It’s incredibly inconvenient to have to open each camera separately.


I agree with b13. When I am upstairs in my home office, I would like to see all my rooms on one screen to check on my family. Wyze cam allows this. Seriously, it’s a big enough problem to replace my Eufy indoor cams since I check my cameras often.


Not optimum, but I bought 4 crappy LG phones from I mounted the phones on a piece of board and open one camera with each phone. I can see anything going on in my rural yard at once.

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@AnkerSupport @Mengdi @Yanyee1

I’m not asking for the battery cameras to be continuously recording I would just like to be able to view them all at the same time instead of clicking on each individual one.

This should definitely be a feature for your wired indoor cameras but I would like to see it for your outdoor cameras too!

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If you want to view multiple cameras at once, tinycam would be the way to go. The devolper has recently added eufy support in the beta version of the app. There is a free version if want go check it out. The paid version is 3 or $4.99 I forget which because I bought it years ago. I’m currently using it to watch my wyze cams and the 2 new eufy cams that I recently bought. I might be replacing al my wyze cams with eufy in the future because I’m impressed with the clarity.

You could also use a raspberry pi with MotionEye on it and the RTSP and show as many cameras as you like. Only limitation would be the CPU on the Pi, but as long as you dont have it doing trascoding that should work well.

I’m a new customer and have four outdoor cameras installed. I too would like the option of viewing the feed from multiple cameras simultaneously. I’m not complaining. I enjoy what eufy currently provides but in their next step development it would be a nice option to offer simultaneous viewing to put them ahead of the competition.


It’s possible with Arlo’s system.
There you can load the stream of your cameras and tap ind to view the specific camera on the whole phone screen.

I would like this to be an option on Eufy aswell.

Not to view the camera the whole time, (well thats not the reason for an battery cam system) but just make a quick view on the cameras :slight_smile:

Agree, I use Reolink as well and can view multiple cameras (on battery) with their ap in multiview mode.
+1 to get app