New update causes cameras to pick up all motion

Does the latest update cause cameras to be extra sensitive? I have set all my cameras to pick up only human motion detection with level 3 sensitivity. However, all of them pick up cars passing by. I even tried lowering the sensitivity to level 1 but the has been no change.

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Are you seeing events in the apps events tab with the new update?

Yes I am. I got tge notification on too

Sorry I’m aware that was a little off topic from your question. I was asking you this because I ha e had nothing but problems for a month now with sensitivity, and events being saved to go back and watch later, I get notifications but thats the only place I can watch the events and as soon as I watch them from notifications they are gone which kind of defeats the whole purpose of have cameras to go back to a date and time God Forbid something is to happen. I have had no success with customer service they are stumped and I have bought a new home-base 2 because they blamed it but new home base does samething. Idk what to do anymore might move on from eufy to some other kind of system its a shame because I had these camera for almost two years now without any issues.

Yes, have exactly that same problem. Especially at night. I used to only get recordings and notifications if someone walked past but now every car that passes is also recorded. I now wake up to 15-20 notifications instead of 1-2.
I’ve also started to find that the cameras go off line frequently. It’s not the WiFi as I can pick up the WiFi beyond the cameras range. So that in itself is frustrating. Hitting the refresh button doesn’t make a difference and we just have to leave them off line until they decide to come back on.

I changed the settings to all motion for 24 hours and back to human only but this made no difference.

2 out of 3 cameras are off line again this morning. After leaving 22 notifications on my phone. :roll_eyes: