Newbe Eufycam 2 with 2 cams

As it said ia has facial recognition i was wondering on how i can make my fam members known so that as they approach it will not go off. Please advice kind regards Monique

Facial recognition will only work if you have the homebase 1. If you do, click the 3 hash mark sandwich on the top left of the app, then settings, then smart detection, then click the homebase and add names and photos.

Ah… euhhhh what is homebase 1??? An extra edition??? Do i need to get that as well?? What is the use of familie ial recognition if i can not do any thing with it … i whised they had mentioned that since i live near a poort where all the neighbours walk through :frowning: so now i will receive an notification every time some one walks through. What is the best option for me?? Getting an homebase 1 is the only option? This for the quick reply

The homebase 1 was the original one, but honestly as far as facial recognition is concerned there isn’t a lot of functionality. It will just add a thumbnail with a check mark and their name whenever it spots them, and it’s not particularly reliable when it comes to identifying people.

There are some reasons I prefer the original homebase. It has a battery backup, a micro sd card slot which accepts up to 128gb cards, etc, but the facial recognition itself probably isn’t worth pursuing.

Oh okay…thnks for the quick reply ik guess ik wil change the detection zone iow without the poort. Thnks again :slight_smile:

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