No events being saved

Set up our eufy doorbell yesterday. We sent our child down the driveway and sure enough my phone alerted me to someone in the drive. I clicked the notification and watched my son walking about. When he came in he wanted to see himself but there is nothing saved, no evidence he was just in the driveway? Surely if that was a burglar I’d just seen in the driveway I’d be angry as I can’t see the footage now. Nothing showing in events since we had the device set up?? I’m super confused and already frustrated. What am I missing?

Sounds like the Record video setting is unchecked.

Go to the Security tab at the bottom of the app.

Click on the gear icon under the Mode that’s highlighted(Probably Home)

Select either your homebase, or if you don’t have one, your doorbell.

If you have a homebase, click on that and find your doorbell.

Under doorbell, there are settings for Record Video, Push Notification, and Homebase alarm(If you have one). Make sure Record Video and Push Notification ae both checked.

Also, if you go back out to the doorbell setting menu, under Notification, you can set your text Notification to allow you to click on the notification to be taken to the video clip for the event.