No HomeKit for doorbell

Don’t get the doorbell if you want it to work with HomeKit. They LIED . I bought the doorbell and no upgrades for that to work. I have waited and now can’t return. Unethical business practices


Open succeed.

Eufy doorbells are the dumbest smart home product I own.

Close succeed.

It is ridiculous. If you have the hardwired doorbell, like I do, and someone rips it off the house, you lose ALL video data. You never even get to see the thief. What kind of security is that? I even bought 3 2k indoor pan and tilt cameras. I just realized that if I walk up to a camera and unplug it (or if someone were to steal it), the video won’t even be broadcast to my phone. I get a notification on my phone but can’t view it. Nor I can view any previous videos from that camera unless I had previously downloaded the individual video. Looking for a different brand of video doorbell to replace my Eufy.

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