No sound out of Homebase 2 when ringing video doorbell

I just installed the battery video doorbell with the Homebase 2. Homebase 2 is connected via WiFi to my internet. Everything works great, except, I don’t get sound from the Homebase 2 when someone rings the doorbell. I’ve looked at the settings for the Eufy app, the doorbell and the Homebase 2, and can’t find any setting that works to get the doorbell to ring at the homebase 2. Any help is appreciated!

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There are option to select what chime you want.

Is it hook up to existing doorbell wire? If the can’t get it to work unpair and then repair and when it asks you to select digital or normal chime just skip this is should then default to Homebase chime.

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Click on the doorbell setting (gear icon), go to indoor chime and select home base. Up the volume. Then test it.

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Bingo! that was it @SmOothie. Does it make a sound if it detects movement?

You can set the alarm for that. Go to security . Then click on home then tick the alarm.

That’s what some one suggested how to use the alarm but not done it myself.

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I have the same problem, when I enter the indoor chime settings, only the regular indoor chime is there, I can’t see the homebase2 there.

Do you have the battery doorbell or the wired doorbell?

I have the wired doorbell.

The wired model is not able to connect to or use the homebase.

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Strange, as the first time I setup the doorbell, I thought I heard it ringing too :unamused:

I’ve read more about it and it seems this feature will come in a “coming soon” update…

Thanks very much :kissing_heart:

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I still have the same issue with no sound out of HB2 when ringing on the battery powered doorbell (wired now to 12VAC).

Most works fine, videostream starts, recording starts, motion detection works, ringing works on the doorbell itself.
But when pressing on the button on the doorbell the HB2 won’t make any sound. The odd thing is, it makes sounds when I go to the settings (indoor chime>Homebase as chime).
I’ve already tried most of the settings in the indoor chime example turning off/on existing doorbell, changing chime type, changing tones, volume, on/off HB2 Chime, restarted HB2 etc.

Btw… it register a ringing in the event log.

Is there a bug or settings that I missed? Anyone had this issue before?

I’m having the same problem.

I have the battery doorbell (not set up to be powered by wire) and the HomeBase 2 is connected via WiFi. In the settings in the app the doorbell is set to have the indoor ring be via HomeBase (Beacon sound) and it is enabled at maximum volume.

The HomeBase doesn’t ring when the doorbell is pressed or when playing with the settings in the app. I believe the HomeBase did successfully ring at some point early in the setup process - maybe when on ethernet and an earlier firmware version - but plugging/unplugging power or ethernet and removing/re-adding in app make no difference. I haven’t tried to restore to factory settings yet.

I’m having the same issue as boostdb and Tamm: homebase 2 used to function properly as chime. I have not changed my settings but it no longer makes any sound, not even when I cycle through the different sound options. Could it be related to a recent update?