Notification on people walking by

My front door is located in front a pavement where people are passing by. Switching from Ring to Eufy I saw a great deal of reduction in “false” or better unwanted notifications due to human detection.
What would make Eufy even better would be if it would filter out people walking past and maybe only show notifications for people walking towards the door (where the doorbell is fixed).

you can set detection zone just on your walk way.

If you have motion detect porch light that turns on when human walks by. it will notify as Eufy detects light change as motion unless motion is off.

I have set up a detection zone but it does not help as the pavement is literally just over a meter away from my door.
You can see below an example of pedestrians passing by which results in triggering the notification.

Another way this scenario could be solved is if there was a way to say that motion and/or presence has been detected in the detection zone for more than X time as in my case I literally want to know when someone is standing outside my front door.

This screenshot would be the nightmare for any camera. You honestly think some AI solution could sort out this mess??? Doorbell press only…. Or move the cam.

I think you have tough location.

You can try using the bush but windy days will trigger it like crazy.

Can you put camera higher and point down to capture more driveway.

otherwise, your detection has to be very small.

AI has been doing a fantastic job filtering out random movements and all. So far I am already much happier than I was with Ring. I see room for improvement and really I don’t think it is not doable. If there is not enough processing power on the device that’s another point.
Finally, I guess I could mount a motion sensor and try to point that away from the road. But again. That’s not the message I am trying to put out there in case Eufy engineers pick up on this thread.

Have you tried lower the activity zone? & set it to all motion and motion detection to 1?060cb74bbd079ffd5ec72e18b019c8f11b824d0c

Ours notifies us every few minutes that a table near our front steps is a face… it also saw our car tire as a human face previously, and yet missed our postman putting mail in the box and when I approached the door. image. I want to return this useless, annoying device. image