Old videos deleted but not deleted?

I wrongfully posted in a thread about me not being able to access stored clips on my Homebase that are about 5 months old.

In the same thread I got a reply that due to some EU-law, Eufy has added a “feature” so that clips older than three months are deleted. I can’t find any source on this so its hard for me to take this as 100% truth even tho it fits the narrative very well.

My question is if anyone has any experience accessing clips on their Homebase2 older than 3 months, and in my case older than 5 months. On the storage part on the iOS-app it says that I still have over 8GB of clips, but I only see two from march this year on the iOS-app, web and macOS-app.

Looks like the HB2 deletes video older than 90 days according to Eufy customer care…

It was a policy they implemented a while ago and TOLD KNOW ONE. I can’t find any reference to it in the apps help section.

I had several months of events stored since time the cameras were initially released because they had no app to do bulk downloads at the time. And one day they were all gone.

A proper software company would have warned users to a policy change that would delete customers data ahead of the change so as to give the customer time to download all needed events.

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While videos getting deleted after 90 days is an issue, the bigger issue is all the videos on the homebase can be deleted from the cameras if a thief steals the camera and hits the reset button! Eufy knows about this issue and ignored it. See this thread for more details:

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