One Button Mode Switch - Group Cameras

CANT STRESS ENOUGH HOW NEEDED THIS IS!!! I have 3 indoor cameras, and the security base station and an outdoor camera. Every time I leave and enter I have to set the 3 indoor cameras seperately. I have 5 Wyze cameras at a different location and they have done this since the start, for $20 a camera.

please eufy stop ignoring this request and get it implemented. I am a developer and this is not a hard thing to implement.


Geofencing has been unreliable. I spend a lot of time switching all my cameras to home/away/night mode.
Really would like to see this simple update to the app. I will buy more cameras if I don’t have to do a bunch of clicking every time I switch modes. Especially if it was a widget.

Same problem here. Installed the eufy alarm and that works fine. i was very suprised that there is no intigration between the keyboard homebase and the camera’s. very hard requested change.

I echo this request, as well. I moved from Arlo to Eufy largely because I really wanted to support the company and their efforts. But not having the ability to simply (either through voice or one-touch) say “Arm my Home Security” or something to that effect and ALL of me (currently 7) devices all Arm at once (vs. me having to go into each one 7 different times when my wife and I are leaving the house to Arm…and have to repeat the process when we return) is EXTREMELY inconvenient. Do your loyal customers a favor and add this integration soon, Eufy.

Ditto for me. I have 18 cameras and three homebase 2. A mix of Eufycam 2, 2 pro, 2C, floodlight 2 pro’s and indoor 2K cams. I have to manually arm/disarm each homebase then each of the remaining cameras individually that do not use the homebase.

The ability to arm/disarm all and for multi homebase integration is what I want to see.