Onvif support for all Camera's

Hopefully Onvif wil be supported via an update


Agreed. ONVIF support is required to record native 2K to NAS. RTSP only supports up to 1080P.

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+1, I would love to see this feature as well

Agreed. I have the indoor 2K pan tilt cam. I was so disapointed when I found out that RTSP only supports 1080p. If this camera had onvif it would crush ALL small form factor indoor budget cameras. I would only call this bedget cam becaus of the price. Besides that. SO happy with this cam but a huge - for not supporting onvif.

A firmware update with ONVIF support would be great especially for wired doorbells/cameras. But in general i agree should be an option on all eufy cameras.

+1 for ONVIF please Eufy!

Pls add ONVIF support!!!

Yes please.

ONVIF please!!! :blush:

onvif is nearly standard for camera’s , for now not able to add it to my milestone… :woozy_face: