Original eufy Video Doorbell - Chime going off at random

Model: T8200
Firmware: 2.308 (Updated on 3/10/2020)

As of this morning, the chime has gone off three times with no doorbell press.

I’ve restarted both the Chime and the Doorbell after the second time the chime went off. The chime went off one more time after the reboot of both devices.

Is there a bug in the new firmware?

And… it just went off again.

Hi @tbuck

Thanks for reaching out! In this case, please try the following steps to see how it works.

  • Re-add the indoor chime in the app. Steps:side menu>my devices>indoor chime>connect
  • Unplug the indoor chime and left it unplugged for a night, then replugged it back in.

If the issue still persists, please reach out support@eufylife.com for the warranty claim :slight_smile:

Unplugging the chime for a while, then plugging it back in has it work for a while. The issue does come back, eventually.

I’ve done the Re-Add thing before and it didn’t make a difference.

Thank you for your update on this!

So glad to hear that the unplugging steps is solved this issue :slight_smile:

If we can offer further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We’re always ready to help!

Thanks again for all your support. Have a lovely day!

I’m having the same issue. And btw, it looks like the original poster is still having the same issue.

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Yesterday the chime went off ~10 times in the span of about 30 minutes, even after unplugging/plugging back in.

This really needs to be addressed. Either the Chime is bugged, is susceptible to foreign interference, or the Doorbell is bugged.

I just installed the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K yesterday. Overnight, we had two instances of the chime dinging while we were sleeping. Both times I checked the camera and no one was there. No one had pressed the doorbell.

I unplugged it overnight and plugged it in the next day. It hasn’t done it again in over 24 hours. It had been great for Months and then it just freaked out the other day.

Unplugged the chime, correct? Have you been able to leave it plugged in overnight since?

It was plugged in most of the day yesterday, all night, and this morning with no rogue chimes. It will likely stay good for a while and then go off at random in weeks/months from now.