Outdoor solar siren

Missing from the product portfolio is an wall mounted outdoor siren / alarm. This would add a major deterrent against breakins. Would be great if could be paired with Homebase 2 and respond to rules from door sensors / cameras. Completely wireless , battery powered with solar charging would be great and there are products in this category in the market already.


Yes Eufy Security should definitely have this!

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I too agree that this would be cool. You never know what eufy has in the works :shushing_face:

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100% agree and hardly any company has one available for HomeKit. If this could be added that would be an instant buy for me

Totally Agree, current homebase 2 siren isn’t efficient.


100% agree the alarm volume on the home base is to weak to even work as a security device.

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Totally agree, the sirens on the homebase and the cams are just not loud enough.

Definitely need siren. Homebase is not loud enough. Plus have the Homebase which controls everything out in the open space in the house means anyone who can see the Homebase and turn it off means can turn the siren off. Thats a security flaw. And if you try to keep the Homebase hidden or in a more secure place the sound doesn’t travel to warn or door bell is too low so won’t travel over the 1st floor and loft.
Whoever did the market analysis of what’s the siren in latest systems vs what Eufy is looking to produce really needs to go back to the drawing board and add a siren which can be installed in high place and which can also act as a doorbell. Just an idea.

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Yes, I agree. This is a must have for me too. Rechargable extra siren/doorbell for indoors would be another one.


Yes we need this ASAP. The alarm system is flawed without

The 110db base alarm is a hoax. Mine is 90db at best. Having an effective deterrent is a must for any serious security setup.

BUMP! Please, please, please add an outdoor siren!