Please for the love of god, make these things work together

Apparently I bought too many eufy products.
I now have 4 separate alarms systems.
2 flood light cams
1 homebase
And one wired doorbell

When I set the alarm, it only sets the home base.
It doesn’t set all of them.

Automations only work with 2 of my 5 eufy cameras (that talk to homebase 2). Not the latest and greatest floodlight cams! So if someone breaks in, 3 of my 5 cameras sit idle, don’t alarm, don’t record…

Please let me just set one alarm and have all devices respond to the alarm being set and cleared.

And please let me adjust light settings differently when armed! My wife glows in the dark every time she walks outside and is asking me to get rid of the system. When we are home, we want a soft light in the back yard. When we are away, and arm the “system” we want the burglar to glow in the dark. This doesn’t seem like too much to ask, is it?

I really want to set up cloud storage and 24x7 monitoring, but I am afraid to get more bad news on which of your devices actually talk to your cloud services. If 3/4 of them can’t talk to each other, how will they talk to your cloud.

All in, and wondering if that was a good move,


Having similar issue and I just have 1 floodlight and 2 indoor cams

Have the exact same issue, already gave away the wired doorbell, solocams were promised to start storing info on the homebase2 from may, no updates on this yet.

Also, the solar panel doesn’t work with the camera’s that have usb-c connectors.
Wired doorbell stores in the doorbell itself, wireless doorbell with separate chime stores on the chime in SD card, not on the homebase2, doorbell dual isn’t sold separately yet, don’t want to purchase an additional homebase2 just for this.
Separate additional chime is not through wifi but requires a USB dongle, so you’re limited to a single chime.

It would be normal if all products have the same storage options, if all products can be set to the same setting at the same time, now if you go away you need to change each camera separately.
Why do some products support RTSP and others do not?
Why is the local streaming only through the app and not configurable for for example homeassistant?

I have 2 solocams and sold or gifted most of the other stuff, this is really eufy’s biggest issue.

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