Reorganization of security modes

I have bought and installed a pair of eufyCam 2C Pros for my house. First let me say that they work wonderfully and that I am very happy with them.

I have noticed that the security modes could be improved as they do not provide the flexibility that I (and I think most people) would like to see. I think of the Home/Away/Disabled/Geosync/Schedule set as a good first pass, but they don’t really solve security monitoring for a household in a way that doesn’t require constant manual attention.

The main problem is that those five modes (and any others that I create) are treated as equals instead of in a hierarchy.

Here is my requirement: I want to have scheduled modes for day/night that adjust automatically for home/away status. That is, when I’m home during the day I want to be in “Delivery” mode where only my front door produces notifications, at night I want to be in “Critter” mode so I can detect animals on all cameras. When I’m away I want to be in “Monitor” mode (all cameras) where all visitors are detected and recorded, and at night I want that plus alarms to go off in an “Alarm” mode.

There is currently no way to meet that requirement without manual interventions. The problem is that the schedule can’t be switched automatically between home and away.

I have a proposal for a solution, too. I’m sure your designers could also solve this problem, but spelling out one solution might make the increased flexibility clearer.

The hierarchy of modes could be:

— Armed/Disarmed state
— --- Home/Away state
— --- — Home Schedule
— --- — --- Delivery/Critter/others (user created and put in the Home schedule)
— --- — Away Schedule
— --- — --- Monitor/Alarm/others (user created and put in the Away schedule)

This can be simplified a bit by combining the Armed/Disarmed and Home/Away into a three-state toggle. So at the top of the security tab would be a toggle for [ Home | Away | Disabled ]. These could be manually toggled or the Home/Away state could also be automatic based on your geosyncing feature.

The important change is that there would be a separate schedule for each of the two Home/Away modes (or no actions at all when Disabled).

Geosyncing would then be a separate state which, if enabled, would just set the Home/Away state automatically.

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I fully support that.