Returning this hunk of junk

A year ago I bought the wired video doorbell and everything worked great. I had it for about 10 months and all of a sudden it would stop alerting us. I changed the settings and it would either be everything had to be detected or if I even moved it down to people only - down one notch, it randomly gave no notifications.

I contacted customer service, who was amazing, and they replaced the unit. Well the replacement unit is even worse. I work from home so I can see when someone comes up the driveway and up my walkway. It’s about a 50-50 chance that the doorbell will actually notify me that someone has approached. Last night we had a delivery and when I played back the video because it actually caught the delivery guy on camera, it was a super high speed and cut off before he even got to the door. I was just standing on my porch and it didn’t detect me. My husband just left for work and it didn’t recognize him either. It didn’t pick up any recordings overnight which it always does because it usually detects every car even when I have it set on humans.

A few days ago, solicitors were ringing my doorbell while I was actually in my office out of the house. I answered the doorbell from my cell phone in the app and it didn’t work even though it was indicating it was. How I know this is because they didn’t respond, and when they came back later I told him I was trying to talk to them through the doorbell and they said no sound came out.

This is a hunk of junk and it’s going back.