RTSP for Eufy Doorbell 2K


I recently purchased an eufy indoor cam 2k and it’s working perfectly. I like that I was able to link it to my QNAP NAS for continuous 24/7 recording using the RTSP link.

I am wondering if this feature will be enabled on the video doorbells anytime soon?


Also waiting for this!

Waiting for this as well

I would like this too!

I hope they add it also. I doubt they will because they want to sell off site storage :frowning: . I still have 30 days to decide wether I switch to Amcrest with RTSP out of the box. The wireless chime is the only reason I went with Eufy.

In August I asked Eufy support team when we can expect RTSP on the Eufy doorbell because it was promised already in June. Here’s the answer I got from “EufyHome Kundenservice”:

I inquired with our software team and got informed, that they are currently still working on the RSTP feature. The feature is planned for the wired doorbell and should become available in Q3.
While I am unfortunately unable to promise you an exact date, I am happy to inform that the introduction is expected to be no later than October. We would appreciate a few more weeks patience.

However… still no news on RTSP for the Eufy Doorbell…

I emailed them today and the response was “please note that our engineer is still considering this feature”

‘Engineer’ please add this feature! :grinning:


+1. Would love built in FTP connectivity (or equiv) so it can push (or have pulled) to my custom NAS, like my other internal (ancient) DLink cameras!


Also waiting
L Janssen

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I would buy it, if it supports RTSP before EoY


Answer from Eufy Kundenservice begin November:

Indeed the RTSP function was scheduled for this year. Unfortunately other matters with high priority have caused this function to be put back and delayed. We sincerely apologize for the trouble and the dissapointment.

Our software team has fed back to my inquiry, that they will work on this as soon as possible. It will however likely be in Q1 2021 and hereby be delayed for around half a year. I am very sorry.

I hope just like you that the function will be released eaqrlier.

Can i suggest this is quite high priority? there are a number of us looking for new doorbells, black friday is nearly here AND Christmas… this is a deal breaker for some


also waiting this feature

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Any updates on ETA?

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Waiting for this too. On a high priority.
There was a robbery last week and unfortunately motion was not detected…

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These security camera companies are getting greedy with their cloud dependencies and don’t want to invest in functionality that could potentially take away from their monthly subscriptions.

Unfortunately, that’s what made me buy this to begin with; one of the few doorbells out there which doesn’t require being married to another subscription.

I sure hope Eufy isn’t going down that same dark path of cloud monetizing all of its products or we’ll never see functionality true security enthusiasts are interested in such as RTSP.


+1 for wanting RTSP on the Doorbell!! Please Eufy :partying_face:

+1 for RTSP. I run my own Xeoma server. It would be great to be able to view my wired Doorbell, along with the rest of my cameras.

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Come on Eufy…
RTSP for both wired and wireless doorbell please…

Seriously considering sending this purchase back… It’s a massive deal breaker for me…

Why not cover both ends of the market… Cloud subscriptions for the not technically minded with rtsp function for those that are…

USB storage. When is that being added ??

It appears from what I am reading… a lot of broken promises being made from Eufy…