RTSP Stream from Indoor Cam 2K P&T unusable?

Anyone get it to work? I’m getting RTSP streams from an Amcrest 1080p camera and a Foscam 720p camera both at 15fps with no problems. But with with the Eufy 2K I’m only getting about 1 frame per 5 seconds.

My settings are:

Delivery Mode: Non Multipart Stream
Codec: H264
Connection URI: live0
Frames per second: 15
RTSP Port: 554
Streaming Mode: RTP over RTSP (TCP)

When I use my VMS client app, I get perfectly good streams from the Amcrest and Foscam but with the Eufy I get a lot of disconnection messages and a frame of video once every 5-6 seconds. When I switch over to the Eufy app, the video streams just fine from that camera so I don’t think it’s a wifi issue.