Saved Positions For Pan/Tilt Cameras

The ability to save predefined camera views/positions for the pan/tilt models so the camera will instantly go to that position, with the added option to have the camera return to its “home/default” view after x seconds.


Yes! I was just about to suggest this, because I really want my Eufy Pan/Tilt cameras to have not just the round-look of 360, but also those predefined positions (presets) and ideally also the cruise (patrol) mode, so that the cameras will move between those presets, wait on each for X seconds and repeat this over again (like Aqara can do now). And the automatic return to home position if the camera is moved by user or after the autotracking no longer sees anyone to track… Please Eufy, add these features soon!! :slight_smile:

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Here here!

An excellent suggestion. Would be great to at least have one programmable “home” position to return to.

It is just a motor without coded disc for angular feedback.
Needs new model.