Scheduled Activity Monitoring

Hi all,

We’re a family of five living in the UK and I have just installed a couple of indoor C24 cameras throughout our main living areas. Mostly so I can keep an eye on the kids whilst I’m busy in other rooms in the house, but also as a higher level of security on the evenings and whilst we’re away from home. As there is almost always activity throughout the day, the camera is prone to sending me a lot of unnecessary notifications; I’m talking in the hundreds at the moment. Obviously, I would like to keep activity monitoring enabled on my cameras, so that if I’m in a different room and someone comes to our back door it notifies me or if I’m away from the house, I get notified of movements, or on a night when we all retire but I would like to manage when to have human and pet notifications and when not. Is there a way of scheduling the camera to only detect activity of humans and pets at a certain time of the day or will I have to change the settings on my cameras every time I need the camera to monitor activity?

If there is or someone has some tips for me that would be very helpful. I’ve drawn out a couple of zones on each camera to try and reduce the notifications but it hasn’t helped, I’ve reduced the sensitivity but that’s troublesome for me when it comes to going to bed or leaving the house as I would like the reach to spot potential movement through the window.

I guess my feedback so far would be some kind of way to schedule monitoring activity would be a nice addition or if you could set up trusted humans, so that it would limit the amount of notifications of the same person being spotted.

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