SD card format error

My indoor eufyCam has a micro SD card for storage so we can rewind and watch for any issues with pets or kids throughout the day. After a couple months I started getting a notification that there was an error with the SD card and it needed repaired which would remove any data on the card. Ok fine.
Everytime I try to repair it, it says it fails and says try again. It won’t repair. I formatted the card so it was empty before inserting it and then formatted it when I did insert it as it suggested. I have received this error several times now and don’t understand why it is doing this.
Why will it not format, and why does it keep having this issue? It is not on a continuous recording so it should not fill up that fast and even if it was filling up it should just give an indication that the card is full and not that there’s an issue and needs repaired. It’s a fairly new card.

if it is 2k indoor,
remove sd card
check the alignment of the housing slot and the actual sd card metal holder slot on the pwb on the housing.

Mine is misaligned, of which sd card is pushed away from the contacts on pwb.
I had enlarged the housing slot and clean the contacts as well.

Get high endurance card also helps.

The quality of the card in important in a security device because its being written all the time. A low quality card won’t tolerate that for very long without getting corrupted. As @cf7 said, a High Endurance card of 128 GB is necessary so it won’t get corrupted when being written. Eufy has a list of acceptable cards, but I’ve found that Samsung Pro Endurance hold up the best in my securty devices.

I just purchase 2 Samsung Pro Plus 128gb cards for my 2 Pan & Tilt 2k indoor cams. These are top of the line, so I hope they work well. I haven’t installed them yet though since I wasn’t sure how to format them properly or what to do. The manual with these cams don’t say anything about it.

Anyone know what I need to do?

Just plug it in.
Vusual check if there is any hanging of tge card.

Goto App, Advance…
now just do a format.

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