Security Made Simple: Is cloud storage right for you?

I think you need to try the link from a PC, Eufy of cause has to fix that.

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Yes!!! They should make a home base that can link up to all eufy products. Also, enable the user to upgrade the storage with SD cards with up to 8tb or more!

They should give us more options, let us configure our own system according to our own needs without having to buy another system. Waste of money.


Local Storage and NAS are the truly independent way to proceed as it does put the responsibility to the end user - where it actually belongs! - insofar as handling of personal data is concerned.

So, no Cloud facilities for me, thank you very much.


Unfortunately, it isn’t truly independent. I have local storage but can’t get to the files because Eufy’s servers are down. This problem appears to be affecting a lot of people today. I bought this system because I was told I would not need internet for it to work, that only my local network is needed. That is incorrect. Right now I need to get to a video and have no way to look at it.


I agree with you completely

The only cloud storage I trust is HomeKit secure video on Apple’s iCloud. It’s encrypted and the video does not count against your iCloud storage plan!

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Yes my reason as well for getting your storage is Locally encrypted data stored at my residence. The ONLY way I’ll do Cloud is because of Apples update security features. FYI anyone who dislikes Apple that’s your choice but research what they are doing in Home Security with HomeKit (I know it can be limited at times) Convenience isn’t always the best if it’s at risk if your data which is why I trust Apples encryption.

Eufy execs. I would like all of your devices, even your DoorLocks, DoorBell, and Vaccums (that support WiFi) get and utilize Apple Home Kit.

Amazon and Google just don’t do the end to end encryption nor do they take it seriously. And yes I know Apple uses AWS, but data is encrypted before it reaches those servers. So between Local Encryption, Apples, and Amazon’s Encryption. It would be like your videos are Triple Encrypted once they are access from Amazon’s services.


You have to subscribe with your computer not your phone. (I’m on the iPhone) this problem you wrote about drove me batty until I finally tried it on my Apple desktop.

Hi, Scotty, due to Apple’s development interface restrictions, IOS phones need to subscribe cloud storage on the web for the time being.

Best suggestion so far

Same here, I did my research before buying into the Eufy brand and I did not like the idea of cloud storage, or the extra expense. If Eufy does decide to go with cloud I would suggest they make it an option rather than mandatory.

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Cloud based authentication isn’t right for me. I would pay not to have to deal with Eufy servers at all.

Are there options with eufy to utilize local network drives … NAS?

I always want local network storage. Streaming to a NAS would be ideal. Then I can decide what to do at the next steps.

The OPTION to stream it to a cloud might make some sense, but I don’t want it to be core or primary functionality. I don’t want it dependent on the company or a subscription plan for the long term.

I specifically bought Eufy for the fact I didn’t have to pay extra for storage. I already pay for Google cloud storage. Hope you don’t change your business model as I expand with additional devices from you!!

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I was hoping the Home 2 would include storage beyond what is built into cameras. This is especially the for the doorbell, since it’s easy to rip off and take the evidence
Alternativelyy, support archiving to Google drive or my NAS. Support for RTSP, Onviv would also be an improvement. As for micro SD cards, that would be a plus.

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[quote] “ eufy Security Indoor Cam users can now get a one-time free trial with each account they set up. Get a feel for how cloud storage works and see if you think it is right for you with 30 days for free!
[/quote] SO I DONT UNDERSTAND? FIRST IT SAID CLOUD Storage WAS FREE, AND HERE IT SAYS 30 day free TRIAL. So does the Cloud stay free? Or after 30 days I have to pay?? I have the tilt indoor camera

My free trial is about to be over for cloud storage and I now have a microSD in the camera. How do I disable cloud storage?

I also bought a 2TB portable storage when I bought this battery-powered video doorbell for bigger storage. Could you help to tell me how to install this additional device to homebase2?

late to the party , just become a customer, local storage is a reason why I went for eufy but I am more interested in cloud storage as an option as a back, like perhaps the ability to offload local storage to dropbox/google drive or OneDrive for example - belt and braces

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