Settings for notifications, no notification heard

I have set up notifications when I installed the camera some months ago. They have stopped working. I cannot get the camera to notify me when someone is at my door. I am slightly deaf and was relying on this to notify me to my phone. I have reinstalled the camera and started from scratch. Still no notifications being sent to my phone. The notification sounds in the app do not match the ones in my phone by name or noise type. So I am using a music piece in my phone, all the notification settings are set to that, typewriter noise. Still nothing. What is going wrong?

Check the security tab in the app for the device and make sure that Push Notification is checked.

Check your phone to make sure that you DON"T have battery power savings enabled for the Eufy app. If you have power savings, it will shutdown the Eufy app after a while and you wont get notified.

Check the phone settings for the Eufy app to ensure that background data is enabled.

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Many thanks. I will try the power option. Hi have push notifications checked, so that’s what was confusing me. Also some phone updates seem to aler settings on some apps. It was remarkable because I had changed northing and yet the detection failed. All was well on installation. Again, thanks.

Hi. I am having the same issue. I noticed that I don’t receive any notifications for more than a week now. I never changed any settings. I checked all settings from the app and my phone to make sure all notifications are on, but I still don’t receive any.