Share a porch pirate video to win a all-new Smart Drop

I wish I had the video of eufy stealing my money with their lies and false promises.

Fix the products you have before you roll out new ones.


@mengdi @eufy_official.

Here’s a Reddit users recent burglary and your camera failed to record long enough to record the first 5 seconds.

You see the robber flash his flashlight in on the door opening briefly then the recording just stops
Reddit Burglary August 2020

Users Comments: The door sensors triggered this recording and set off the alarm that woke me up, but unfortunately the guy still walked off with all my power tools in 80 seconds flat.

Reddit Source

I had it set to optimal surveillance under the power management settings but it somehow only caught this after the automation started the recording.

Pretty disappointed after investing over $1000 in eufy products. Atleast the alarms worked and I saw the guy and his car, but wow I’m not pleased about how buggy the eufy ecosystem has been.

Looks to be that your product is just :poop:

Feeling like it’s time to just jump ship on eufy security products. Had an issue in my neighborhood last night and nothing to help the Neighbor etc.


Quit releasing new products and fix the products everyone already bought.

  • Add geofencing for indoorcams
  • Add 2FA
  • Bring feature parity to all cameras
  • Let me set the mode of all my cameras at once

@Mengdi are you seriously not going to ever comment or release information on Eufy’s software issues? Come on!!! This is getting ridiculous.


Less pointless competitions, more software fixes.
Nobody cares…sort your buggy application out.


software issue please contact

Lmao at the response…


That’s not the point @Mengdi. The point is stop putting out products and start putting out software updates. The people are literally begging you!


What about those butt pirates. Anyone seeing more of them lately?

Unless it’s a coincidence that it was just released in the last week, geofencing for indoor cams is there and working just fine for the three 2k cams I just set up. Way better than wyze, that’s for sure

As for setting the mode of all cams at once, that is definitely something that is needed.

Moaning about 2fa is just dumb. Set a strong password, and you have nothing to worry about.

Well suppose they did it before the month is up. But what a hell we had to raise to even get 2FA.

If you need help to do this go to settings in the app and then click on the fist button (your name) you’ll see 2FA and then select email or sms text. This is how it’s done on iOS.

Maybe I would consider do a porch pirate skit, but dang it I can’t even get my new doorbell to register. first things first, sheesh…

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