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I just bought a indoor cam one week before my 6 1/2 months deployment started. Now i can see my family, see whats going on home and take care from many kilometers away. I’m happy with eufy and will install more eufy cameras Outdoor as soon as i am back home. :muscle:t2::blush:

I bought my Eufy floodlight camera after my husband died in September and I was understandably nervous about living alone as a 34-year-old female. As a shiftworker at the hospital, I’m always coming and going at weird hours and wanted some piece of mind knowing that there weren’t any creepers lurking around, especially after I woke up one morning to a homeless man sleeping on my patio furniture (this was the tipping point for getting the system).

While I have been (very thankfully!) safe since then, I’ve had the unexpected pleasure of being introduced to the loveable neighborhood cat through the camera. He is very shy, but when I see the notification pop that he’s come by to see if I have any food, I’ll go give him a snack. I lost my 10-year-old cat in 2020 as well, so it’s been a silly comfort for me.

TL;DR - Came for the safety, stayed for the cat!

(Trying to add a still from the cam of him, but the post is resisting my efforts!)

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I saw the notification when I woke up that there was something spotted in my backyard. Thinking it was a cat that wandered through two months prior I got annoyed thinking it went the bathroom on my lawn again.

Much to my surprise it was something new. Hedwig? Maybe… but still no Hogwarts Letter!

Installed my wired door bell camera and I was so excited about it.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Through our all my testing the alert was working flawlessly, I should really congratulate the firmware and software team working behind, you guys are the best! :star_struck::star_struck: I work in an engineering team and I know how hard it is to bring such kind of precise notification by avoiding false alarm. Every time when I get a notification I knew either there is someone in front of my door or someone passed by! :100::100:

So days passed and one day early morning as usual when I went to the car and I tried to open the door, I found that my driver side door is jammed. Looks like some one did a hit and run. Immediately I went through my footage and found the culprit.:grin::grin: It was my opposite side neighbour door guy who hit my car while taking reverse. Awesome clarity and I was able to catch him and he paid for the repair. Lol, eufy saved me 1100$:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

Thanks Eufy and the Engineering team! You guys rock!!!:sunglasses::sunglasses:


My eufy cams helped us during the ice storms in south Texas. My wife and I work in oilfield security. We live in our 5th wheel following a drill rig. The roads closed and we were stuck at work.

We have a thermometer by our 2k cam. That way we can monitor the temperature and tell if the power was on by a table lamp controlled by a eufy smart plug. When the rolling blackouts started, we knew how cold the trailer was getting. We also knew when the propane finally ran out. By then the roads were clear enough to make the trip and get more propane.

Eufy cams made a rough situation a little easier.

We had just started on a major home renovation project that required we move out temporarily, with the majority of our family possessions stored in the basement. For some reason, we got an uncomfortable feeling when a couple of the subcontractors came to visit the house. Though we had previously installed a eufy doorbell camera, a eufy floodlight camera, and a eufyCam outside, we had nothing inside of the house.

On a whim, I made the decision to order a few eufy indoor cameras with pan and tilt technology. I set them up in common areas in the house where the contractors would be doing their work. Two days later my wife called me to come check out a recording. We were shocked to see that two of the subcontractors were rifling through all of our family possessions in the basement! Not only was it incredible to watch the cameras tracking these guys walking around our basement, looking for goodies to take, but the crystal clear sound from the cameras meant that we could hear exactly what they were saying the entire time. The highlight was hearing one guy tell his buddy “uhh, I think there’s a camera in the corner” when he realized he was caught red handed.

Without eufy cameras, we would have had no clue that they stole from us that day. What’s more frightening is knowing that they probably would have kept stealing in the coming days, but thankfully our general contractor fired them immediately upon seeing the videos.

I can say, without hesitation, that these eufy cameras saved us hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in lost belongings. More importantly, it gave us peace of mind knowing that our home and belongings were protected while we were not there. I cannot imagine our life without eufy cameras protecting my family.


I had just installed my first indoor camera and had not adjusted the motion or notification settings. While I was out working in the garage, my phone received the motion notification. Water had started coming out of a light fixture, thanks to the immediate notification I was able to run upstairs and shut water off to a bathroom sink line that broke. Had it not been for the camera, I easily would have had thousands $$$$$ of water damage.

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I was able to make out a license plate of a car that followed my kids’ father as he was walking here from the bus stop. They had rolled down their window but then my kids’ dad turned around just at the right time because turns out these guys were trying to Rob somebody because not even an hour later, the same car n people had held someone walking at gunpoint but I was able to get them the license plate to ID the two people in the car to the police!

So I had recently forgot to post this which I’m glad I really did because not even about a block to the right of my house and then going up about a half of a block or so, at about 1:30pm someone had called in that they had heard between 5-6 gunshots go off outside right by their house and that it was a small silver car that they had seen speeding away super duper fast. So after I had heard about it an hour later the police had still been looking for the only details they knew about this car which was a small tiny silver car speeding away. Well lucky them because after the shots were fired, the car drove straight down that half of a block and then took a left and drove speeding straight past my house and its the same spot I’ve got my eufy battery powered door cam lol once again for the second time in about two weeks I was able to help out with two crimes. It was so awesome that I had decided to buy myself a camera for the back now because I loved how I was catching all this stuff. Because I do live in nice townhomes but to be honest I live in the dang ghetto unfortunately with terrible terrible things that do happen around here. this was the 6th shooting within’ a 2 block radius from my house, there is also constant robberies and assaults and being a domestic abuse survivor having cameras can also just give me a little piece of mind sometimes and maybe an hour or two of some sleep seeing as I am a single mother of three children in this unfortunate ghetto… But anyways, so I tried to research which was the more better eufy camera that wasn’t a doorbell that I could put up out back since I’m new to all of this, and I just couldn’t really figure it out so I just decided to end up purchasing the eufy 2C outside/outdoor camera that also you can use the spot light on it too also as well or something like that. Seeing as I’m disabled because of my domestic abuse and also because of kidneys failing and waiting on the donor list, I really couldn’t and can’t afford these cameras and spent bill money on one but I just wasn’t feeling all the way safe with just the doorbell cam. Not to mention I’m in dire need of just more than two also as well. I need the entire experience. So help me out! Because I am thinking my stories are absolutely great! If I knew how to post the videos I would but like I said I am absolutely just super new here. Last contest you picked the winners off of how many likes they got which I really sometimes at times don’t think it’s fair as because there’s been people that know each other on here I’m sure for like ever since they even got their first eufy camera and if they get along with that person then of course they are going to like their story but when it comes to someone like me, ain’t nobody going to give me a bunch of likes on my post or even go as far as reading it because they have absolutely no idea whom I am. The xmas contest I had an absolute amazing reasoning for what I needed and wanted to get and I didn’t even get one single like but the people who have been here longer or forever and on higher levels than me all got a ton of likes. It’s not like I’m complaining or care, just saying you should pick the winners instead otherwise it just makes me not even wanna spend my time writing these experiences and stories to eufy or/and whatever because I will know I’m just not going to win anyways! But anyways God Bless you and thanks so much for the opportunity to be able to even win something since I can’t even ever afford another any eufy cameras! STAY WARM AND SAFE EVERYBODY AND ALWAYS REMEMBER WE ARE ALL THE SAME AND ALL EQUAL🥰 SO REMEMBER ITS ALWAYS, “ONE LOVE🥰”

Omg @ReevesCrest this cam is absolutely amazingly clear! I absolutely love how clear the picture is. Wow! It’s seriously the clearest can I’ve ever seen. Lol so does it have night vision too also as well?! If so, how does the night vision picture look for/on the camera? Which inside camera is this again?! Because I’m in desperate need of some inside cameras too as well. BTW: Your house is absolutely stunningly BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m seriously jealous lol…

I recently purchased the eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt and it has been amazing. I love that I am not forced to subscribe to proprietary cloud services in order to use the advanced features such as motion detection and file storage like Nest and Ring. But the most amazing feature is the automatic motion tracking. I LOVE that it will follow around people’s movements. Absolute game-changer security device at an incredible value. If I could, I’d replace all of my security cams to this eufy model.

We used the eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt camera.

As you said, the picture clarity is top notch. At night, the picture quality is similarly good.

Thanks for the compliments!

Just installed both the Eufy 2K doorbell and the Eufy Floodlight. I’m very happy with both products and I just got my first laugh from the floodlight motion with only 1 week of having it. Caught the cops catching a speeder in my neighborhood nothing crazy but still fun to see in a live 15 sec video none the less! image

This is a fantastic bit of kit, and I am so pleased I went for it, Thieves had targeted my garage, so I did a lot of investigations on Cctv, read loads of reviews, and came to this product and boy did it come up trumps, not only did it give me a warning that someone had triggered the camera, but the quality of the recording was so impressive that the police used it in court, and charged 2 people, even the police were impressed with the camera’s and asked for the address from where I’d bought them, I no longer worry about the garage or my home. And that’s priceless

So I got the eufy cams because we live on a big property unfortunately the property next to us is abandoned and will frequently get raccoons, rats, cats, and everything in between making noise scaring my mom (front house) girlfriend (Mid house) sister (back house) I get permission from the owner to place camera on their home facing mine. Sure enough that first night I caught a couple dudes looking to break in all it took was te alarm to go off and they went RUNNING. works exactly as advertised and now everybody at home feels safe having an eye view all around the house without having to step a foot outside

Here’s the video Video of the incident

As much as I use the cameras to protect our property, I think the best thing for me is the peace of mind it gives me when I can see that my children have arrived home safe from school. The nicest thing is being able to quickly say hello to them through the camera as they come walking up to the house while I’m still at work! Thank you for a great system!

Woke up to what sounded like an avalanche. Turns out it kinda was. To much snow collapsed car port damaging vehicle. Insurance paid out with no questions after video was sent to them. Cant upload iPhone video due to format.

We have an older horse that requires an expensive supplement due to Cushing disease. Walked into the barn one morning last week and noticed some animal got into the plastic tub and feasted on all of the expensive supplement!

Wife is concerned that coyotes may be getting into the barn at night and wanted me to camp out with the pellet gun. I reviewed the footage on the Eufy tilt pan zoom cam and found the culprit. Apparently the tub was stored too close to the pen as our horse managed to knock it over, work off the cover and have an expensive midnight snack! At least we can sleep well knowing coyotes are not getting into our barn at night.

@garywholland what cam is this one?! The picture is just absolutely wonderful!!!

My eufy Security system helped me so many times protect me and my family, When I go on vacation I share my webcam live webcam feed link, With my family and friends, When I go on vacation so I can relax and sit back and enjoy my vacation and not worrying about my house getting burglarized Specially during this pandemic. I would highly recommend this eufyCam To the public, Your be extremely satisfied you purchased this eufyCam.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a ding on my phone , eufy had spotted some one in my driveway there was actually two men that broke in my truck , so I woke up and grabbed protection and ran out side and scared the two burglars off. This is the second time eufy camera have saved my vehicle. I have the saved videos of the incident but I could not figure out how to load them here.