Slow eufy servers or slow ai?

It’s taking 2-3 minutes before the events tab shows newly recorded videos on my v1 system. It seems like it takes the longest with facial alerts, slightly less long with human alerts, with the quickest being all alerts. Notifications for the v1 cams seem delayed as well. Are the servers overburdened, slow or far away, or is the processing just lethargic like that? (Haven’t had a chance to compare responsiveness with my v2 eufycam side by side yet, but may try in a bit)

Edit: still haven’t had a chance to do a side by side with the 2, but can say that the battery doorbell vids appear much sooner than the v1 eufycam. Same for notifications. Counted nearly a full minute between activity and detection notification.

Any idea if their A.I is run off their servers?

I think the AI chip is on the Homebase 1 itself, pic related.

For v1 the ai is supposedly on the homebase, for v2 it’s embedded in the cameras.

Even turning human detection off completely, it takes a minute to be notified of activity. At least on the v1 cams. The events, even longer to propagate.

Anyone else periodically getting “Failed to connect to server” messages when bringing up the app? I’ve seen that a few times over the last few days.

I think eufy may be having continued server related issues. Between the outage a while back, absurdly slow to update events list, inconsistent notification speeds, failed to connect messages… something is going on over there and Anker needs to invest the time and resources to sort this stuff out immediately.

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I will say though, after an extended period of time tweaking things I have it mostly doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

I ultimately set the v1 cams to all motion with no people or facial detection and after a good deal of adjusting the downward tilt to get the motion detection cutoff where I wanted it they work well at catching what they’re supposed to, ignoring what they’re not, and alerting me in a reasonably timely fashion. I shut off the ai detection on those cams because it seems the system spends a lot of time observing and then determining what or who it can identify before actually sending you an alert. That added delay was just too much (when I was getting notifications at all, because it seemed inconsistent with person or facial on) I may have left facial detection enabled on one of my eufycam 2 camera because of the high likelihood of a quick identification due to indoor environment the cam is in, and the presumably faster hardware in the 2 (though just a presumption there) a test, if you will.

That said I absolutely have to click the android notification and view the recording from there when something is detected, because if I miss it or it flakes out I’m stuck waiting for the events tab to update. (I notice the homebase calls home to eufy once every few minutes, so maybe that’s when it updates the server with the file info, thus the delay, and if that’s the case could be a somewhat easy fix on their end)

The “failed to connect to server” may or may not have something to do with the ad blocking dns I’m using on my devices, or maybe not. Just throwing that out there. I don’t see any ads, and I don’t want to. Not sure if I’m not seeing them because of adblock or if they’re not feeding ad’s to the Canadian market, but just throwing that out there.

All in all I’m pretty happy. We had a situation here yesterday with a mentally ill woman which ultimately ended in a huge police response and I was watching in HD the entire time. 4 cameras, 3 devices handy to watch with. Take that spineless A&E execs, I’ve got my own damn #LivePD now.