Smart Lock Automation

Please integrate the SmartLocks with the Homebase Security mode Automations. A simple trigger of “fingerprint/key/pin unlock” and “manual pinpad lock” would allow the smart lock to change security modes for entry/exit into our home. No need for a keypad inside the door and seamless security integration.

Note that I did not include “manaul unlock” as a lot of people have windows beside their front doors and someone could smash the glass, unlock the door with the knob and disable the secuirty system. Perhaps “manual unlock” could be a trigger, but it should be on its own for the above reason.

The smart lock is great but this missing feature is a shame with how functional Eufy products are as a DIY home security system.

Should Eufy add it’s Smart locks as an Automation trigger?

  • Yeah, that would be great!
  • Good idea, but I wouldn’t use it.

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