Smart lock wants (fix auto lock scheduling!)

Please fix the schedule on the auto lock. I have a garage door that I would like to keep unlocked during the day, but start to autolock at 8pm. Right now it seems that auto lock schedule just delays the lock to a maximum of three minutes.

  1. Fix schedule for autolock
  2. Scheduled action, i.e. lock door at 10pm… (there aren’t really too many actions,) but an automated lock at a set time would be nice, either that or fix the auto lock schedule feature… (i.e. fix the auto lock feature)
  3. Ability to see if door is open or closed. I have an issue where my kids are about 10% of the time where they don’t actually close the door to the garage. It would be nice to see that and/or send notification if door is open past 3 min???
  4. abiilty to send to Excel all the lock/unlock events along with time and whom did it, the method of entry tried (passcode, fingerprint, etc…), successful or not. i.e. gives me the ability to see when people are entering and leaving and can filter by person or method, etc… Data, love me some data!!!