SmartDrop - Feature wishlist from early kickstart backer


I have been using my SmartDrop for the couple of weeks now, and I like it very much. There are some key features that I hope the Eufy team would make to improve user usability.

Promised Features:

  • Pairing with Homebase2 is still not available. I would like to use my existing Homebase2 to store and record video. I don’t want to pay for cloud storage is the reason why I choose Eufy in the first place. Or at least automatically offer cloud storage until syncing with the Homebase2 feature is available.

Request Features:

  • Support for multiple Master Keys.
    I would like to set up different keys for different roommates. Currently my workaround is create a delivery key for my roommate to use, but every time he uses it, I would have to go downstairs and enter my master key to reset the delivery count so the next courier can just simply hit “open” without entering the code.

  • Ability to remotely reset delivery count from the app.
    It’s possible that courier tried to fit a large box into the SmartDrop and wouldn’t fit. I would like the ability to reset the delivery count remotely so the next courier can simply hit “open”. Or to prevent someone who is “curious” if there’s something inside.

  • Voice Prompt to suggest courier besides looking for the access code on the delivery package to also check the delivery instruction for the address set by the user via their UPS, FedEX, USPS, etc. Or make the voice prompt customizable like the doorbell.
    All major couriers have ability to set automatic delivery instructions if you have an account. I don’t feel comfortable having access-code added to the shipping address - this is a security compromise if courier failed to delivery to the SmartDrop and leave it outside while someone could come by and steal the code for future use. Otherwise, user would have to rotate the code and this becomes unmanageable.

  • Screw to secure the battery is a regular phillips head, It would be more secure if the SmartDrop uses a secure screw similar to those used in some doorbell install. Otherwise if you set up “AutoSwitch” mode, anyone can walk to the SmartDrop and steal the battery.

  • “Press Open twice” to call the owner via the app.
    This would be useful for new delivery person who may have trouble operating the SmartDrop or they cannot find the access-code instruction on the package or delivery instruction. Add this instruction to the Automatic Prompt on motion detection.

Stretch Features:


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