Snooze Button for turning off the camera

+1 to the request for this!

We are trying to find out which of the cats is occasionally doing something terrible to our couch. But we also like to sometimes sit on that couch and do things that maybe all of our other housemates don’t need to be reviewing. I don’t want to depend on any of us to turn the camera back on – I feel certain that if we ever turn it off and leave it, that will be when the guilty cat actually shows up to wreck the couch.

A 30 minute snooze that requires login to activate, and a warning beep when the camera is coming back on, would be a KILLER feature.

+2 We also would like a snooze option for recording (or motion detection).

So basically we need 2 snooze buttons. One for just snoozing the notifications like the existing functionality, and one that completely disarms the camera from turning on/recording for a set time period.

I’d also like to see shorter time lengths for snooze options. Like 5 min, 15min, 30 min. I might only want to snooze for 5 min when I go to get the mail.

Currently, if I use the disarm feature, it creates a notification that it’s been disarmed which is completely annoying, and there is a good chance I forget to arm it again.

Adding myself to this wish list. I just installed all this stuff yesterday and snoozed my garage cam only to find 30+ recordings. Snoozing should prevent recordings as well as notifications. This was the way I assumed the feature would work. If all I want to do is stop notifications, my phone can do that without the Eufy app.

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Snooze = Disarmed. Easy fix. Happy us.

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When is this getting implemented?

With how much this thread keeps coming up I am hoping it will show Eufy it is a worth while update.

Add me to this wishlist.

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Any word?

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No word yet. @Mengdi or @Yanyee1. Any chance this would be an option that could be added.

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This is a very important feature to have! Another is scheduler incorporating geofencing. These two features are so incredibly important to battery life, it’s amazing they continue to ignore these requests for devices completely dependent on battery consumption.

Are they shutting eufy down or what?! Don’t understand it.

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Maybe if we tag them enough they will respond?

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I started this thread back in May and it continues to come up.

I used the disarm option as I was out working in my yard… completely forgot I had it disarmed and didn’t realize it was still disarmed until several days later. Luckily nothing stollen or anything, but I would have been very upset had something happened and I didn’t have it recorded…

The snooze option for disarm is a must need. If I had to pick just one option for the snooze, I’d choose for it to temporarily disarm and not just temporarily snooze the notifications. Please Eufy. I was excited about these cameras and I’m just getting more and more disappointed with them. I don’t think I can recommend them to others at this point.

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Keep upping this until we get a response.

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If anyone knows the admins or moderators please tag them.

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Count me in, we need a disarmed mode with a snooze/timer mode so the system is re-armed automatically once the delay has expired.

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Another vote for adding a Snooze function.

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Still no word?

Can anyone tell me what NEW SOFTWARE FEATURES Eufy added on their products other than bug fixes?? Cause it seems that once a Eufy Security product is released all we get in the software updates are bug fixes but never any new updated features. And there are many requested software updated features all over the board, but for the life of me I don’t know if even ONE of them has been implemented.

And if that is the case after more than a year, then I lose hope that Eufy will ever release new software features on old products. I for one will never buy another Eufy product unless the company shows some evidence of willing to support their current products with at least some simple software updated features.

No word yet. I’ve tagged the main admins and no moderators have replied. I plan to leave these products at this house and go with another brand at my next house. The will become like apple decent product but you have to replace it every few years.