Solar panel for camera

I was wondering if Eufy plan on making solar panels for the cameras? I love using my Eufycam 2C but would love to have a solar panel as well in the near future. Thank you :grinning:


Yes but will not be so that fast


Mengdi thank you for your response. :grinning:

any update on when solar panel will be release for 2c?

What are the requirements so we could use another brand solar panel?

I seen one for sale on eBay just type in eufy and you will find one

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I found one on Amazon, too ($40 each). Given the long battery life, I would reason the solar panel needs to provide a trickle of charge to keep the cameras ready.

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I got this one from Amazon…

Soshine Mini Solar Panel 6v 6w Solar Panel Charger - USB Solar Panel with High Performance Monocrystalline for Bicycle,Cellphone,Power Bank(not for iPhone)

$11, works like a charm on a 2c.

My concern would be how does this affect the max of 300 re-charge cycles the 2c battery supports?

Good luck with getting an official answer to that, the silence will be deafening.

My plan was to cover up the panel or even unplug it when the battery got to say 30%, but I boxed the cams up and sent them back instead.

Hello, How is it still working for you? How long have you been using it?