Someone has been spotted - notification


I just installed my new Eufy cam2. Everything went smooth, really like it.
As one of the cameras is looking to the garden, when my son plays there I get “someone has been spotted” notifications like every two minutes.

Is there any tips&tricks to avoid it, or teach the system to not send notification all the time for the same person in a short period of time?


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You can use the snooze function for whichever cam is constantly alerting which will pause the notifications for however long you request they be paused. It will still record events, but it won’t bomb you with notifications.

As for facial recognition, the v1 system had the ability to identify people but for it to work they’d need to be close and pretty much look dead into the camera. Inconsistent, and didn’t really offer much added functionality. Feature has been dropped and is not offered on the homebase 2 systems.

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Thanks for the info, I’ll try the snooze

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