Spotlight Cam and Google Home

Is the Floodlight Cam camera compatible with Google Home? I’ve added the Eufy Security account to my Google Home app however it only recognises the Floodlight Cam as a light. I am able to control the light (turn on/off and adjust brightness) using the Google Home app, however if i ask it to show the camera “Hey Google, show the Driveway camera”, it says “Sorry, it looks like that device hasn’t been set up yet. You can do that in the Google Home app.”

The firmware on the camera is version and hardware version is 2.2. All my Google devices and apps are up to date as well.

I’m in Australia if that makes any difference?


Hi Luke, I saw in Eufy security app under settings it tells you how to set up your devices with google and or Alexa. If you cannot find this I will be happy to tell you in greater detail!

Hi Joel,

Thanks for replying.

I followed the Google Assistant instructions from the Eufy App settings when I initially added the Floodlight Cam device to my Google Home app however it only registered the device as a light and not a camera. I see that the Google Assistant instructions only specify eufyCam and eufyCam E as supported devices however i assumed that the Floodlight Cam was supported as it was recognised by Google Home (although only as a light).

Is the Floodlight Cam camera functionality not supported at this time with Google Home or is there something else i am missing?


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Hi Luke, you are not missing anything. I think if you say to your hub show me the (whatever your cameras name is) on google home hub.

I think Eufy Flood Light does not support Google Home or Amazon Alexa. But I think they are working on a new flood light camera and also the software update. That will be awesome when released.

It seems like there is some level of support for Google Assistant as it can control the lighting function.

I hope it is just a software update that is required to add camera control and not a hardware update as i’ve only just bought the Floodlight Cam and thought that it was a fairly new product which would be supported for at least a few years.

I have exactly the same problem. It seems like Eufy has not fixed the problem after almost 3 months.

Try saying “stream” instead of show me.

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I don’t have the floodlight camera, so I can’t speak to the compatibility… But if it’s an issue with Google I’ve noticed a few thinkgs that might help:

  1. The word “the” confuses Google. I can say, “Cast driveway camera” and it works. If I say “cast THE driveway camera,” it says the device hasn’t been setup.

  2. If the device doesn’t have “Camera” in it’s name within the Eufy app, that messes with Google. If you say “Cast driveway,” it starts streaming the band Driveway, or plays a random video of a driveway on YouTube, or that the devices hasn’t been setup. Naming it “Driveway Camera” from within the Eufy app solved those issues for me.

That doesn’t seem to help. I added “camera” and asked google it to display backyard camera but it just comes back with “ok streaming backyard camera” and only gives the option turn on/off the light. Super frustrating as I just bought this yesterday and thought for sure it would have simple integration with google. They need to get this fixed.