Such unbelievable garbage

Also homebase upgraded see below pic. It’s the top updates listed in the picture above where it says 15 hrs.

Updates I’m seeing, more devices.

No comment. Seems they added the 2Pro and 2C Pro to the store in the US. No new products. But you can see the new ones above and someone posted the FCC tear downs from what I saw on the Reddit posts.

Just got a notification. Clicked it and it was me in the foyer… 20 minutes ago. Lol

Cool down at 0? Maybe ghosts?

Is it night at your place? Darkness lessens the accuracy of the sensor. If she ran out from close by to the camera then it would make sense it picked her up. Closer seems more accurate.

New products are not available in the UK. Just checked. But why a new slim doorbell. Or is it a hw improvement??

When asked, customer services advise no more than 4-5 units on each HB, there are multiple responses saying the same thing. For some the system dies with 4, others it’s 5, depending on the cam makeup.

Yet their advertising still states 16 per box.

I was a Eufy fanboy for a week and recommended them to my friends, showing the awesome video quality and the lack of subscription etc., who were very interested in them. At least one of them bought multiple devices, I feel bad about that now, which isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

Since I’m only testing 2 doorbells the plan was to have the 2x2c, one bell and one indoor cam, the 4 of which work ok on one box so I didn’t break the other HB out. I don’t want to have separate systems, I want the integrated one I was promised.

I set up the ring pro last night and a ring flood cam, the ring 3 plus is still in the box. I’m still assessing, I want to be a Eufy fan again, I really do.

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At least it saw you :slight_smile:

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Where are you able to set the clip length for doorbell videos? I have the battery 2k, brand new, and I don’t see that option anywhere.

I think the problem of the motion detection is caused by the angle of the camera. PIR sensor work best if the person facing it is coming or leaving around 45 degrees angle

So perhaps placing the camera in the corner may improve detection and try to test it first before mounting it permanently. I never had problems with motion detection with my Eufycams

Agree the indoor cam 2k is garbage. Constantly stop responding for no reason. Have tried all sorts of remedies (former network tech here), and just BS from Eufy’s tech support. If I don’t get confirmation from Eufy that these are indeed riddled with bugs and a firmware fix is due to drop addressing all of them soon, I’ll be speaking with uk trading standards. Shockingly poor product.

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I’m also very disappointed in eufy products. They really don’t have a clue about security and related equipment and software design. These shortcomings make their products suck! However they sure can figure out how to advertise to you in their app. I will not recommend or purchase any more Eufy products.

You need to try BLINK from amazon, to learn what REAL GARBAGE is. Then you might appreciate Eufy a lot more.

LOL… thanks for the laugh this morning

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I almost brought that too, before buying eufy lol.

I currently have 9 cams, 1 doorbell, 5 sensors, and 2 keypads all on one homebase 2. My notifications are usually around 2 seconds and the time to pull up a live view is between 2-3 seconds. I haven’t yet seen any issues from having all these devices on one homebase. Also, I haven’t had anyone from support give me a good technical explanation why I can’t have the full 16 devices or more. Note I also have a couple of indoor cams streaming RTSP to a Pi NAS.

I am planning to add another cam or two and another sensor, so I’ll soon see if everything drops off a cliff. At this point, I’d be really surprised to see any change in performance.

I do have another homebase 2 and a cam and sensor out in my shed, so if I have to, I’ll move a couple cameras around and run some devices off of that.

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