The Moderators for this Community

Ironic that it’s happening on a topic about moderators :laughing:


Where’s a friggin moderator when you need one!

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I already contact Mengi on Private message, asking why these 2 posts were flagged?

not seeing anything wrong with the posts, just more business for eufy :smiley: may be someone here does not want eufy to sell standalone homebases :rofl:

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It appeared they had nothing to do with the topic. When I saw them I thought the site had a glitch.

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There ya go. Nothing about the topic.

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Yes but how would that be useful? There is no IFTTT support…

Yeah, something is definitely messed up. I think it takes at least two flags to hide a post, so there were definitely some crazy/abusive users on. Very strange. Some people…

If you’re high enough level (level 9 I think) it only takes one flag- but no one is that high of level yet :thinking:

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something is wrong here… why are posts getting flagged? @Mengdi

Not a fan of that system. It really should be 2 flags by level 9. Or like 5-10 flags by everyone else.

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Maybe people are protesting.
Their message is: Hurry up and get Moderators!


possibly :rofl:

To Whomever is flagging these posts: you really should stop, because based on what has happened on the other forums- you will get a one week ban- and then a permanent ban if you persist…

But this is essentially how 99% of the communities are run on the Internet. The admins are paid by the company, and the moderators are community volunteers.

Negative. Most users that post on here didn’t even read past the Installation setup in the user manual. I have been on the soundcore/anker forums for several years, and for most questions a quick google search solves the issue.

Also if you have the products and are tech savvy, then you have probably played around with them- especially when they aren’t working and figured out various work around and fixes.

I certainly wouldn’t call this a bait and switch. I’m a moderator on the soundcore forum, and it really doesn’t take that much time to do it. Even before I was a moderator I already spent the same amount of time on there.

The community should be user run (to an extent). That is the point of having a forum like this. If you need to contact eufy, then you should reach out to the support team by email or phone.

I understand where you are coming from, but the forums are definitely not the place people should be asking about this stuff. Eufy (anker in general) has one of the best support teams in my experience, and should he contacted In these cases. If you don’t get an acceptable response (in your estimation) then they have an “escalate” function to get your email to a higher level rep for help.

Not sure where you got 7 years from, since the soundcore forum has been around for less then a year :innocent: (I was on the anker forum before that). I don’t moderate in exchange for anything (there is no “reward”), I moderate because I love the brand, and would like to see it- and the great community behind it prosper.

Always :sunglasses:

Very, very strange.

The funny thing is they’re marking them as “off-topic” when it directly pertains to the topic :laughing:

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If you dont like the idea of moderating for free or for products then just move on, you are entitled to your own opinion. But honestly you said your peace so no need to keep carrying on and trying to convince others to see things how you do. And being a moderator does NOT take as much time as you would think, and you do it at your convenience.


For the tech support part, our stuff would do this. Moderator can do the rest part of it.

The moderators basically keep the community civil. And they encourage good discussions. Like I mentioned earlier, communities run best if the moderators are pretty much invisible. If there are problems, community members flag them, and then moderators come in to clean them up.

In general, moderators don’t know any more about Anker/Eufy products than a typical member who participates regularly. And there’s no reason for them to be more knowledgeable. Whenever I ask a question, I expect other community members to answer them from their collective experience, which is way more valuable than one/few moderators’ experience.

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