The See-Everything Smart Lock | eufy Video Smart Lock

The latest innovation from eufy Security provides you the ultimate 3-in-1 integrated convenience to give you a better experience at your door. Watch visitors approach, get lock and unlock notifications, and enter your home with the fastest fingerprint unlocking.

The fastest fingerprint recognition for getting inside your home in under a second with the rapid processing power of Video Smart Lock’s fingerprint chip.

Video Smart Lock constantly teaches itself how to more accurately recognize your fingerprint with Self-Learning Fingerprint Identification.

With a powerful 2K camera, you can notice every detail and give your guests a compliment as you welcome them home. The 160° large field-of-view shown in a 4:3 format makes viewing your front door natural and enjoyable.

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very tempting for sure


I just backed this project up can’t wait to see it once its delivered in May. Well done @eufy_Official

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How long till we see a dual cam smart lock?


Doesn’t appear this will work in the UK with most locks being multi point locking mechanisms with euro cylinder locks. Can you do something that will work with these?


Not compatible with Apple Homekit. Doesn’t leverage Eufy Homebase so I’d have to buy the chime too? No thanks. Major letdown.


Agreed! This actually has me pissed off right now! I moved to eufy from old ecosystem bc of HomeKit support! Now in the year 2020 you guys are so lame that youre just gonna decide not to support Siri and Apple HomeKit? But you’re going to have dumb spying ass Alexa?? Please what kind of amateur hour shit is this???

Thousands of dollars of junk that I now have from you if all of your new products are going to be like this going forward ? Wow…

And when are you gonna release a product that also comes in white at launch? Instead of releasing the black one and then having customers like me having to wait months for the freaking white one to hit the store? Did it ever occur to you that people use different types of paint and colors in their home? Why should we have to wait months like second class citizens?? Kickstarter something this far along into your companies existence? Why?? Lol you’re acting like you guys are in beta and some little startup?!

Why not Actually be the company that everyone thought you were going to be which is the only reason why we put any money into you in the first place- instead of acting like a bunch of scared little children on kickstarter doing everything the wrong way !
Eufy basically lied to get people like me to switch over because of HomeKit and now you’re not gonna support it??

False advertising / class action lawsuit anyone??



What a D$@k He&d


I agree I won’t be buying any of there devices that don’t support the homekit just read the reviews and see all the security issues people have. I’m ok I bought eufy for the privacy of having the videos on my home network not shared to everyone who wants to spy on me and my family


Typical Apple user. Ready to sue the world whenever it doesn’t revolve around them.


Typical loser mentality or paid shill/employee! Who supports a company that falsely advertises specifically that they support Apple HomeKit secure video (making claims that’s what differentiates them from other brands) and will support apple homekit moving forward, Get new customers spending thousands of dollars switching to their ecosystem of convoluted homebases and amateur hour bullshit software issues and then pull the rug out from them when shadow drop support! This will be there downfall so many companies go out this way you’re biting the hand that feed you and cutting your nose to spite your face! Who in their right mind would alienate half of the world‘s mobile phone users not to mention the group that spends the most out of that group? Doesn’t seem like a great business decision but then again there’s definitely somebody at Eufy not making very good business decisions lately, so there’s that.
I’m sure customers like me wouldn’t be so aggravated if you were to offer me the couple thousand dollars we spent investing into your ecosystem as you lied to us then maybe your false advertising wouldn’t necessitate a mention of a class action lawsuit? This company LIED to consumers, plain and simple! I should’ve just stayed with Ring if I wanted this type of BS and to be treated this way as a customer! This is simply a HUGE mistake on your management’s part. Yet you want to be on Kickstarter basically trying to scam everybody to buy your new products when you still haven’t fixed the old ones yet!! And going forward youre just not even gonna support stuff that you have been this whole time and Made a major part of your marketing campaign! Sounds pretty 20/20, Consumer reports, Better Business Bureau and potential class action lawsuit to me. Keep pissing your loyal paying customers off and see where that gets you


Get over yourself mate!
Start your own busy so you can have old fashion white


In case no one told you…


  • eufy Security Video Smart Lock
  • Doorbell Chime
  • 10000mAh Lithium Battery
  • Deadbolt Sets
    Hope this helps…:+1:
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Anyone have the link to order this thing


Can this be installed on a slide door?

Butt hurt much snowflake?

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So thats wtf your employees do to rightfully upset/ angry customers? Rather than addressing just claims of the people who PAY YOUR SALARY by buying your products? Wow. I figured anker was a much more professional company than that to stoop so low. And these are the people we’re supposed to be trusting with any type of “security”??

Remember, bad news travels fast. You dont get to rip people off and treat them like this on top of it. Let’s see how long that business model lasts!

Lol do you realize that the people you’re replying to aren’t Eufy employees? We are customers just like you. You say you should have stuck with Ring? Do you know who owns Ring and your hated spying Alexa?

Please listen to yourself and realize the world doesn’t revolve around you. Just because it doesn’t support homekit, have to wait for white, and whatever your other grievances are doesn’t mean that Anker kicked your puppy. You can discuss things normally and explain your points rationally. Don’t be a Karen.


@eufy_Official Will this device support homekit some day?