"There is no video!"

I have four Indoor 2k camera and and 1 Indoor 2k Pan and Tilt camera as well as a 2c Pro and HB2.

These have all be working great for the last 12 months, however int he last few weeks I have noticed that none of my Indoor Cameras are recording any video. and when I click on playback it just says “There is no video!”

I have removed and re-added all of them and they work for a day or so and then stop recording video or sending notifications. I have set them up using a mobile, using my home wifi, using a wifi extender and always the same, after about a day, they stop notifications and recording, but live view still works.

I have put a couple in home kit but that doesn’t seem to make any difference as the ones not in home kit are still having the same issues.

Firmware on Pan and zoom indoor 2k is

Any ideas please, Thanks!

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I’m having this same issue. So is my mom

Anyone got any sort of fix for this they can think of?

What I have seen in the past, is that if you swap the sd card from one cam to another, recording stops and you can’t view videos.
The trick here is to format the sd card. In my case, the recording started again and I could view videos again.

Thanks. I have formatted all of them, they all stop after a certain period of time. The recording and the notifications both stop.

So I’ve swapped the SD cards over, and the same thing happened, any other ideas?

This time it helps Ed immediately, never recorded any video whatsoever and not a single notification, does eufy support monitor this at all?

I’m having the exact same issue. Has anyone come up with a fix for this? I’d hate to just throw away these Eufy cameras.