Thousands of False Alerts

I literally get hundreds of false alerts EVERY day!!! I send at least 50-100 to Eufy EVERY single day and they do nothing!! They’ve NEVER reached out to attempt to fix the mess or replace the cameras! My cameras are set on “Human,” but I get school buses, cars with headlights and taillights, trucks, moving vans and you name it! They waste hours upon hours of my time EVERY single day. I have a sidewalk in front of my home where people walk their dogs and some fail to scoop so I need my cameras to pickup my driveway and my sidewalk! I have to cut my cameras completely off to get any peace! As I typed this message I got “4” false alerts! Eufy fix it!!!


Have you eliminated all activity zone areas except for your driveway and side walk only (no cars), then played with the detection sensitivity to see if you can get it under control?

I have a similar problem as OP (although not quite as bad!) as my camera area includes a street as well as my driveway. I have found it very difficult to set the detection zone to exclude the street as it runs on an angle across the camera view, and the zones can only be drawn as rectangles. No matter how I draw the zones I either capture a bit of the street or miss a bit of my driveway. It’s very annoying!